Bluebird CSA Rebuilding a Local Food System

“Globalization has completely destroyed the infrastructure that used to bring local and regional farmers’ goods together with city buyers.

Some progress has been made in the past decade via farmers markets and CSAs which have been growing at a comparatively tremendous clip — but this infrastructure is wholly separate from the existing system of grocery stores from which the vast majority of people get their food and other necessities.

There are many, many grocery stores that would very much like to cash in on the local foods craze right now but they can’t because of the lack of infrastructure. Their operations are tooled so that they can place a few gigantic orders each week with a few gigantic distributors or with their own distribution divisions.

Grocers are not set up to deal with hundreds of small farmers all growing different crops harvested at different times — this is a logistics nightmare for them, and would consume so many resources there wouldn’t be any left to run the store.

The flip side of this coin is farmers markets and CSAs.” 

Quoted  ‘The Future of Your Food-A Look at Local Food Systems’ Oct. 16, Peak Oil.

Rebuild our Food System by investing in our local CSA.  The very infrastructure of supermarkets cannot duplicate bringing local foods to our local people.


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