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Bluebird CSA Teams Up with Little Red Hen for Farm Fresh Eggs & Chicken Bonus Pack


Bird lovers in Middle Georgia are teaming up to offer Bluebird CSA  Egg and /or Chicken Bonus Box. Little Red Hen and Bluebird CSA now offer all the best in

Bluebird’s Little Red Hen Bonus Pack

of farm fresh eggs..rainbow assortment of blue, green, light brown, dark brown and white straight from the farm…you can choose eggs or farm fresh chicken in  your bonus pack…

First month trial pack prepaid is $30.00

Thereafter the Bluebird’s Little Red Hen Bonus Pack is prepaid for 7 months at $210.00.

You will pick up your eggs/chicken at the farm because you have the opportunity there to customize your selection rather than receiving a prepacked assortment.  This gives you the liberty to select exactly to meet your family’s needs and vary accordingly.

Select from:

Whole Chickens(fryers, broilers, roasters), Whole or Split Breasts, wings, leg quarters, boneless, boneless/skinless, and free range eggs.

We are excited to Team Up with Belinda’s Little Red Hen Farm and look forward to Belinda giving us a Frittata Cooking Demonstration at a Fresh and Local Dinner Party soon.

 Email:  bluebirdcsa@gmail.com 

Map to Little Red Hen Farm, 4834 Old Zebulon Rd, Concord, GA:
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