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Bluebird CSA Offers Affordable ‘Contract Free’ Pay-by-the-Week Qtr. Sample Shares

Pay by the Week Qtr. Share for Jan. 23, 2010.

Like many Americans we are closely watching our food dollars.  If you prefer a contract free Pay-by-the-Week option, it is available.  However, we do suggest –to insure all the best during the upcoming Spring and Summer Growing seasons– you consider investing with Middle Georgia Growers for a 12-Wk Subscription.  Try the sample box and, if you are delighted, join us for a 12-Wk Subscription.

Order Now Online and you may pick up your share box the following week at several convenient locations.  email:  bluebirdmarket@gmail.com


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Bluebird CSA Top 5 Reasons to Eat Locally

Eating Locally

  1. Provides delicious and nutritious foods with less food miles traveled for fresher and more nutrient-rich produce
  2. Preserves local family farms and our rural economy with a sustainable food system
  3. Strengthens our Middle Georgia economy by keeping our community money where it belongs…in our local community
  4. Reduces fuel costs for a positive environmental impact
  5. Reconnects our local people to their source of food


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