Bluebird CSA Convenient Online Ordering

Bluebird CSA offers convenient online ordering during the ordering window on Fridays and Saturdays.

Please feel free to email us at


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Bluebird CSA Offers Affordable ‘Contract Free’ Pay-by-the-Week Qtr. Sample Shares

Pay by the Week Qtr. Share for Jan. 23, 2010.

Like many Americans we are closely watching our food dollars.  If you prefer a contract free Pay-by-the-Week option, it is available.  However, we do suggest –to insure all the best during the upcoming Spring and Summer Growing seasons– you consider investing with Middle Georgia Growers for a 12-Wk Subscription.  Try the sample box and, if you are delighted, join us for a 12-Wk Subscription.

Order Now Online and you may pick up your share box the following week at several convenient locations.  email:

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Bluebird CSA Partners with James Family Farm

Bluebird CSA at James Family Farm on Christmas Eve.

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Bluebird CSA on Local Harvest

‘It’s a simple enough idea, but its impact has been profound.’ Read more on Local Harvest about the benefits of membership in a local CSA.

Click here to Read More about Bluebird CSA on Local Harvest.

Click here to visit James Family Farm on Local Harvest for more information on the Bluebird CSA Multiple Farm Program.  “In some parts of the country, non-farming third parties are setting up Multiple Farm CSA’s, where they… sell boxes of local food for their members.”

Tips for prospective members from Local Harvest.

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Bluebird CSA Top 5 Reasons to Eat Locally

Eating Locally

  1. Provides delicious and nutritious foods with less food miles traveled for fresher and more nutrient-rich produce
  2. Preserves local family farms and our rural economy with a sustainable food system
  3. Strengthens our Middle Georgia economy by keeping our community money where it belongs…in our local community
  4. Reduces fuel costs for a positive environmental impact
  5. Reconnects our local people to their source of food


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Welcome to Bluebird Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)…all the best…local, fresh, organic.

Bluebird Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a Win Win beneficial working partnership between… local farmers market community members and local farmers. Members purchase shares of the farm in return for a weekly delivery of farm fresh local produce.  There are additional wellness factors gained from reconnecting to the land and being an active participant in where your food is grown and who is growing the food for your family.

Bluebird CSA is family owned and operated with local family farmers in Middle Georgia just south of Atlanta in Spalding, Upson, Pike, Bibb and Lamar Counties. 

Bluebird CSA is your opportunity to support and share the harvest of Bob James from James Family Farm along with other dedicated local farmers growing much of the Middle Georgia’s finest Southern vegetables,  strawberries, blueberries, figs, blackberries, melons, Georgia pecans, an assortment of lettuces, heirloom tomatoes, squashes, spinach, cucumbers, eggplant, onions, peppers and much more– including rare food varieties catalogued by Ark of Taste.

You can always expect 8-10 items weekly.  We guarantee you a weekly box for 12, 24, 36, or a bonus deal of 52 weeks.  We provide a perpetual start-up box of highest quality local fruit and vegetables to anyone, anytime for the weeks as contracted. You skip anytime you like.

For more information please visit


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Bluebird CSA Offers Crop-to-Cup Bulk Georgia Roasted Coffee Shares

Crop to Cup Coffees–courtesy of Safehouse Coffees and Teas–may be added to your Multiple Farm Middle Georgia CSA Shares.  Your Bluebird Blend Georgia Roasted coffee beans come in recyclable tins that you can take back every week and have refilled in bulk.

This coffee smells so good…it has a rich flavor, with a slight caramelized-sugar finish.


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Bluebird CSA Teams Up with Little Red Hen for Farm Fresh Eggs & Chicken Bonus Pack


Bird lovers in Middle Georgia are teaming up to offer Bluebird CSA  Egg and /or Chicken Bonus Box. Little Red Hen and Bluebird CSA now offer all the best in

Bluebird’s Little Red Hen Bonus Pack

of farm fresh eggs..rainbow assortment of blue, green, light brown, dark brown and white straight from the farm…you can choose eggs or farm fresh chicken in  your bonus pack…

First month trial pack prepaid is $30.00

Thereafter the Bluebird’s Little Red Hen Bonus Pack is prepaid for 7 months at $210.00.

You will pick up your eggs/chicken at the farm because you have the opportunity there to customize your selection rather than receiving a prepacked assortment.  This gives you the liberty to select exactly to meet your family’s needs and vary accordingly.

Select from:

Whole Chickens(fryers, broilers, roasters), Whole or Split Breasts, wings, leg quarters, boneless, boneless/skinless, and free range eggs.

We are excited to Team Up with Belinda’s Little Red Hen Farm and look forward to Belinda giving us a Frittata Cooking Demonstration at a Fresh and Local Dinner Party soon.


Map to Little Red Hen Farm, 4834 Old Zebulon Rd, Concord, GA:
View Larger Map

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Bluebird CSA 12-Week Spring Season Begins April 17th, 2010

Currently we are serving the Winter CSA season with local share boxes.  We currently do have openings for the Winter 12-Week Season still available.

The Spring 12-Week Program Begins April 17th, 2010.  You may sign up now to reserve your space in our Multiple Farm, Middle Georgia CSA program. 


Image of Typical Winter Veggies CSA share box:

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Bluebird CSA Launches with Winter Veggie Shares

Read more from The Wellness Lady on what she received in her Bluebird CSA share box.

This is a picture taken by Angelica Clayton of farm fresh products her family received in their Bluebird CSA share box on January 23, 2010.



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Bluebird CSA Makes Profound Impact with Small Growers

Posted in Sustainable Column by planetgarden on January 8, 2010

Local Harvest has approved our rural Georgia Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and states the CSA nationwide effort is “a simple enough idea, but it’s impact has been profound.” Because of globalization, rarely do local and regional small farmers’ bring their produce to an infrastructure system of super markets. As a result, CSA cooperatives are growing at a tremendous clip across the country. They offer an effective solution for us to again directly reconnect with our local rural growers.

Why should I become a member of a rural Georgia CSA co-op?

Americans are signing up for CSA programs because farm fresh produce in their weekly share boxes tastes better and is more nourishing. Grocery chains and superstores would like very much to ‘cash in’ on the better tasting and more nourishing local food demands of customers but the very nature of their structure prevents it. Super store operations are set up so they can place a few gigantic orders with a few gigantic distributors or with distribution divisions. They are not set up to deal with individual rural area growers and small farmers growing seasonal crops and it would be prohibitive for them to attempt.

Who profits from a CSA cooperative program?

Community supported agriculture is structured to profit our rural farmers directly in return for dedicated community service to provide us with all the best of their harvest. They become our personal growers and aim to directly serve us with all the best tasting and healthy produce.

Are farmers markets growing during a tough economy?

The nationwide demand for better tasting and healthier local produce is one reason farmers markets have nearly doubled in our country over the last decade.

Where do super store veggies come from and who is growing that food?

It is vital for prosperity that ‘old things become new’ and we once again know our growers and invest with them. This is one prudent reason people are signing up across our country for Community Supported Agriculture programs. Many super store foods are imported and warehoused by ‘industrial’ growers and far off gigantic food corporations. My advice is prepare now to plant a small spring veggie garden and sign up today with Bluebird CSA for all the best tasting and nourishing local produce. Know who is growing your food and if they care enough about your family to use organic practices.

Who can participate in a CSA program?

 The Bluebird CSA program is a cooperative partnership between our local rural farmers market community, local farmers and community members of the CSA. Members may purchase subscription shares of farm produce in return for a weekly box of fresh farm veggies. Also affordable are boxes of seasonal and local fruits, eggs, flowers, and top Cottage Industry certified baked goods. Growers insure CSA shareholders get all the best of their seasonal produce.

Who are the local growers?

Bluebird CSA is your opportunity to support and share the harvest of James Family Farm, and other dedicated rural farmers actually growing much of Middle Georgia’s finest Award Winning vegetables. We have been enjoying and sharing the turnips, collards and lettuces from James Family Farm which are delicious and nourishing. We also are highly pleased with apples and pecans from Mr. Holland’s Apple Farm. Partnered for the Multiple Farm Bluebird CSA are certified organic farms like James Family Farm and organic practices farms like SunRay Farms in Barnesville with organic blueberries. If you would like to be a CSA grower or want to sign up for a weekly box of fresh veggies, contact . Small gardeners might want to order seeds now to plant herbs like fresh basil and Stevia, or heirloom produce which is in high demand.

What will I receive in my CSA share box?

The CSA program is available now with winter greens and, when you sign up, you will receive lettuces, turnips, local pecans, apples and more winter season produce. In 12 short weeks, seeds and plants will begin producing an array of spring and summer strawberries, blueberries, figs, peaches, blackberries, melons, heirloom and ‘Ark of Taste’ tomatoes, squash, fresh herbs, cucumbers, eggplant, onions, peppers and much more from all the best area growers. You may also want to choose affordable bonus boxes filled with farm-fresh certified eggs, local honey, oatmeal and stone ground wheat breads from Certified Farm Kitchens, homemade healthy salad dressings, fruit and sweet potato pies, Blue-Ribbon winning jellies, pepper sauces, sweet onion relish and all the best local flavors.

What size share boxes are available?

Shares come in boxes to meet individual needs like a full box share subscription for a family of 4 people, a half share suitable for 2 people or a quarter share box for 1 person. For convenience and Seniors, prepared foods are available like flavorful soups and casseroles using local organic farm fresh products. Affordable prepared dishes and baked goods are offered by professional culinary experts such as ‘Bread of Life’.

What are the benefits of a CSA?

Participating with your rural CSA cooperative program provides delicious farm fresh produce that is actually grown in our area rather than purchased from other regions and warehoused. Our rural Georgia CSA preserves our local family farms and rural Georgia economy with a sustainable local food system. It helps keep our local money in our community where it belongs. Your food travels less food miles and is therefore more fresh and more nutrient-rich. And our rural CSA reconnects you and your family with your source of food rather than with corporate warehouses and cross country trucking systems. Thank you to everyone who asked to sign up for the Bluebird CSA program last summer and waited patiently for it to be successfully developed and available now.

When can I sign up for a box of veggies?

You are invited to sign up now for a box of winter veggies with Bluebird CSA to get on the ‘right track’ with 12 weeks of farm fresh vegetable shares. You will get all of the fun ideas on how to prepare this nutritious and bountiful local harvest. You will reap a bounty of heart-healthy nourishing veggies and, as Local Harvest states, it is “a simple enough idea, but it’s impact has been profound.”

Where are the Pick-Up Locations for Bluebird CSA?

Bluebird Farmers Market, 218 N. Center Street, Historic Downtown Train Depot, Thomaston, GA,  Saturdays 8 am until noon

Enrich your life on Saturdays at Bluebird Market in the historic downtown train depot located at 218 N. Center Street, Thomaston. Explore with us each week to discover simple ways we can affordably contribute to sustainable and renewable eco-friendly living. Find resources online at and Email rural CSA questions to: .

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